Dog Park Rules & Etiquette

Revised September 2016
  • Food and dog treats are NOT permitted in the park.

  • Use of park is limited to 2 dogs per handler.

  • Dog waste MUST be collected by the handler and placed in the proper receptacle.

  • Handlers must have waste bag(s).  (Bags are provided as a courtesy, but are not guaranteed to be available at all times).

  • All holes dug must be repaired by handler prior to leaving.

  • Dogs must wear a collar or harness and display current license and vaccination tags at all times.  Spike and/or prong collars are prohibited.

  • Dogs must be leashed prior to entering the park. Leashes must be removed within the double gate area.

  • Handlers must have a leash in hand at all times while in the off-leash area.  Leashes may be used within the park for “time out”, or in preparation for departing.

  • Handlers must be present with their dog(s) and have them under visual and/or voice control at all times.

  • Dogs known to be aggressive or exhibiting any threatening behavior may not enter the off-leash area.

  • If a dog becomes aggressive: It must be removed from the park immediately.

  • No puppies under 16 weeks (4 months) permitted in the park.

  • Dogs in heat, contagious, or with parasites (fleas, ticks, worms) are not permitted in the park.

  • NO children under 16 may enter the park unsupervised. No running or screaming.

  • Children under 7 must remain within arm’s length of an adult guardian at all times.

  • Strollers or like items are not permitted in the park.

  • For their safety, children are not permitted to climb or play on the agility equipment.

  • NO animals other than dogs are permitted in the off-leash area.

  • The small park is limited to dogs under 20 pounds.  Small dogs may enter large park, however, the handler assumes ALL risk to small dogs playing in large park.

  • NO smoking.

  • NO soliciting in the park or parking lot areas without prior permission.

  • Toys brought in to the park will be considered “fair game” for all to play


Help and Enforcement

  • Rules will be enforced (and possible fines levied) by:

    • Haverford Township Police: 911 or Non-Emergency (610-853-1298)

    • Haverford Township Animal Control 215-439-4479

    • HRDP Board of Directors and/or is designee(s)


Haverford Township Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to:

  • Close the facility for any circumstances deemed necessary.

  • Restrict entry to the facility, suspend, and/or to ask dog handlers to leave the facility if any of the rules are not followed.


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